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Here below you find the most common questions. If you don’t find the answer for your question please feel free contact us. We are more than happy to share our tips and our experience with you.

I NEVER SURFED IN MY LIFE, IS THIS SURF CAMP FOR ME? Yes it is! This SURF CAMP are for anyone, even if you have never touched a surfboard. We teach beginners from 0 to learn how to surf, and also help intermediate and advanced surfers to progress in technique and style.

WHAT DO THE SURF CLASSES INCLUDE? -4 hours Surf Lesson (incl. time for the transfer to the surf spot go and back) -Full Surf Equipment -Surf Board, Leash, Wetsuit -Easy waves and fast Progress -Certified Surf Instructor -Transfers to the surf beaches go and back.

WHAT IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR TO SURF IN FUERTEVENTURA? Fuertevntura is Eropean Hawaii, and here is waves all year. As a beginner, it doesn’t make a big difference, cause we surf all year round and everyday. However, Fuerteventura is famous for its winter swell in case you want to take advanced classes.

ARE THERE A LOT OF SINGLE TRAVELLERS? Most of our guests travel alone. We also have couples and friends travelling together. It is easy to get in contact with the others and have a good time.

DO I NEED TO ARRIVE ON A SPECIFIC DAY TO START SURF CAMP / SURF LESSONS? You can arrive and start any day you would like. We are opened 365 days a year

DO YOU HAVE A FIXED SCHEDULE? No, we run classes every day. Usually we start at 8:00-10:00 in the morning and we are back around 12:00-14:00. The time can change due to the conditions of waves and tides.

CAN I BOOK SURF LESSONS ONLY? Yes, is possible to book only Surf Lessons just sending us a booking request with dates that you would like to join to surf class

DO I NEED TO BRING TOWELS, LINEN ETC? We provide you with all linen and towels (weekly exchange).

HOW TO UNDERSTAND THAT MY BOOKING IN NOMAD SURF CAMP IS CONFIRMED? Once the bank transfer with a booking amount is confirmed we will send you the confirmation of reservation to your email.

HOW TO GET FROM AEROPORT TILL ACCOMMODATION? The transfer is not included to price, but is very easy to get to corralejo, her we send you some helpful info What is the best way to get to corralejo? 1.The most easy, fast and popular system is a shuttle from aeroport, will coast aprox +- 6 eur, requered booking 48 h before your arrival. In our blog we send you you will find a link for the Shuttle Booking. 2.Bus. Most economical, you will need to take 2 different buses. Will takes lit bit more time than shuttle. The road will coast you around 4 eur +- (also you will find more info details numbers of buses, bus stops, all helpful instructions how to get with bus to corralejo). 3.Taxi. Fast, Easy, expensiver. You will find the taxi stops in aeroport in all places. The road will coast you atrround -+ 45-50 eur. Here in our Blog you will find full information HOW TO GET TO CORRALEJO

MEALS ARE INCLUDED? The package includes accommodation and surf lessons days accorded. Meals and drinks not included to price. We have a kitchen at all surf houses and all participants of Nomad Surf Camp are cooking by themselves.

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT SKILL LEVELS OFFERED AT SURF SCHOOL? We have 3 different skill levels groups: Level 1. Beginner Surfer (nevel surfed before) Level 2. Beginner Plus (already made some surfing around 10h last 6 month / perfect to refresh the skills) Level 3. Intermediate Surfer (already made more than 20h in last 6 month)

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN 4 h. DURATION OF SURF LESSON? *includes time for the transfers to the surf spots go and back *includes preparation equipment and wetsuit dressing *includes theory at the beach and warm up *Includes time with practice on the waves that is aprox 2-2.5h

WHICH SURF HOUSE TO CHOOSE? *The Nomad Surf House - is a popular place and there you will meet more people from surf camp, location central, near beach, restaurants and night bars, the house is new, comfortable and very chill. is a lovely place of all nomad surf camp participants *Aloha Surf House - another surf house, has a pool, bbq, as well nice vibes, as well you will meet international young people and visitans of the islands, digital nomads and of course nomad surf camp participants *Kaktus Beach House - economic option, have a nice location as well near the beach, very central, the house is more basic, have a big terrace, it can be perfect option if you are loocking for something more economical

WHICH BUS STOP TO CHOOSE IF I’M COMING WITH A SHUTTLE? *If you are staying in NOMAD SURF HOUSE - you can choose the bus stop SUNSET BRISTOL HOTEL *If you are staying in ALOHA SURF HOUSE - you can choose the bus stop ARENA SUITS *If you are staying in HOSTEL MOANA - you can choose the bus stop SUNSET BRISTOL HOTEL *If you are staying in KAKTUS BEACH HOUSE - you can choose the bus stop SUNSET BRISTOL HOTEL

AT WHAT TIME I CAN DO CHECK IN & CHECK OUT? CHECK-IN The Check-In time from 12:00: Nomad Surf House / Aloha Surf House / Kaktus Beach House The Check-In time from 13:30: Hostel Moana IF YOUR ARRIVAL IS EARLY IN MORNING If your flight is early in the morning you are welcome to the house in any hour of day from 9:00 to left your staff, to rest after travel and all you need, you are welcome! ______ CHECK OUT The Check-out time from 10:30: Nomad Surf House / Aloha Surf House / Kaktus Beach House / Hostel Moana IF YOUR DEPARTURE IS LATER IN AFTERNOON If your flight is later in afternoon time, you just need to left bed or room from 10:30 lefting the towel, you can stay in comun zones of the house till time you need, you can use all spaces of the house, feel at home!

WHICH SIZES ARE SURF BOARDS AT THE SURF CAMP / SURF SCHOOL? Type of Soft Boards: 8.0 XL | 7.6 XL | 8.0 | 7.6 | 7.0 | 6.6 Type of Hard Boards: 7.6 | 7.2 | 6.4

IN WHICH SURF SPOTS WE WILL BE SURFING? Beginner Surf Spots: Moro Beach, Entubadera, Buro Beach, El Cotillo, La Escalera, Punta Elena (in special cases) Intermediate Surf Spots: Punta Blanca, Caleta, El Cotiillo, La Escalera, Punta Elena, Waikiki Beach, Buro Beach, Moro Beach ( in special cases ) Depends of Condition of the day, we will choose for you the best surf spot adequate for your surf level

IN WHAT LANGUAGES ARE THE SURF LESSONS? The surf lessons are in Spanish, English and Italian Languages.

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