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 Terms & Conditions

Nomad Surf Camp


To register and confirm your place at Nomad Surf Camp, you must make a bank transfer of the 100% amount to our account. 

The reservation will only be valid when the 100% of total amount it has been transferred to our bank account and transaction confimed and we confirm with an email the place reserved on the selected date, the reservation details and dates for the surf clases.


* The registration of the personal data of each participant is mandatory. The minimum age of participants is 14 years old (exceptions upon prior consultation).

* Nomad Surf camp reserves the right to make changes, as long as the essential services offered are not altered, due to unforeseen situations or outside the company.

* The change in a reservation will only be made effective under availability, with a surcharge of € 20 and always confirmed by Nomad Surf Camp.

* Permission to use images taken during the stay at Nomad Surf Camp for promotional or advertising purposes of the camp: website, brochures, flyers, catalogs, instagram, facebook, etc.

* Good physical condition, ability to swim and no apparent physical inconvenience on the part of each participant is required to carry out the surf  classes. Likewise, we ask that you inform us of any aspect to take into account: allergies, important medical history, etc.

* The client must be responsible for the care of the Nomad Surf Camp material during its use, and accept the responsibility of replacing it in case of loss or serious damage caused by the client. The damaged or lost material will be paid for by the customer, so said material will be part of their belongings.


The cancellation will be valid on the day of receipt. For administrative reasons in no case there is a refund of the total deposit.

* A refund of 75% of the booking amount will be made when the cancellation occurs 1 month or more prior to the start date of the Surf Camp.

* A refund of 50% of the bookingl amount will be made as a result of reservation costs, if the cancellation is made up to 2 weeks before the start date of the Surf Camp.

* With less than 2 weeks in advance, no refunds will be made. We suggest the possible hiring of a trip cancellation insurance, in case you are forced to cancel it before the start of the trip.


Nomad Surf Camp will not accept responsibilities or returns:

* When the client is guilty of the defect in the provision of the service.

* When the defects in the provision of the service are attributable to a third person, outside Nomad Surf Camp, and occur unexpectedly.

* When the defects in the provision of the service are due to reasons of force majeure or circumstances beyond the control of the company. They are abnormal and unpredictable events with unavoidable consequences, for example, natural catastrophes or meteorological aspects.

* When the defects in the provision of the service are due to an event that Nomad Surf camp, despite having put all the necessary diligence, has neither been able to foresee nor avoid.

* When events occur outside the camp, during trips to the camp, outside of class hours or without the supervision of our staff.

* Each client must follow the instructions and rules of our staff. In the case of not doing so by carrying out irresponsible behavior, Nomad Surf camp will not accept responsibility and may take the appropriate measures, such as expulsion from the Camp, not attending classes, prior warning, and without refund of the camp payment.

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