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Surf Lessons for beginners. How to start?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Surf lessons for beginners Our surf lessons for beginners are suitable for everyone. You don't have to be a great athlete. You just need to be

to spend time with us on the beach and in the ocean! The course includes a wetsuit, board rental, sport insurance, light waves on the beach and transfers to and from the beach, as well as an endless positive mood. Safety Beginner surf lessons are always held at a safe depth, in waist-deep water. And our professional instructors will always be by your side. We offer classes in small groups of up to 8 people per instructor, so with each lesson you will receive personalized advice to improve your surfing.

How does a surf course start? Every surf course always begins with a dynamic warm-up on the beach. An energizing warm-up with yoga elements prepares you to start surfing. We always talk in detail about water safety and surf etiquette. And our instructors will be with you throughout the lesson, even in the water. Surfing with an instructor Surfing makes a lot more sense than it does the first time! Learning from a qualified instructor means that you will learn to navigate from the beginning without making unnecessary mistakes that hamper your progress. Also, your instructor will do everything possible to ensure that classes are held in a safe environment. When will I catch my first wave? Each person is an individual first and foremost. It will depend on the physical form and, of course, on the natural abilities of a person for this sport. But in any case always and always you will have a great time and unforgetable experience with us! Attention! Surfing is addictive and has a positive impact on your health and lifestyle

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