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7 reasons to learn surfing

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Surfing changes a person.

First of all, this sport affects the state of mind and changes the inner world.

1. You will forget about stress

Surfing is an incredibly great way to relieve stress. It helps you relax and just enjoy the ocean, the sun's rays, the sound of the waves and more gifts from nature.

2. Your body will become resilient and flexible

Surfing is the most complex sport that involves all the muscles in your body. This is a great workout for your chest, back, shoulders and legs.

3. Your heart will become stronger

Surfing is a sport that requires high physical activity. This leads to an increase in heart rate and helps deliver the required amount of oxygen to the muscles, which makes them work much better.

4. You will find peace

The understanding that you cannot control everything in this life comes during interaction with such a powerful element as the ocean and the surf. Hustle and bustle only interfere with surfing, so you become more calm. Your mind gradually calms down and relaxes

5. You will became more patient.

The waves are not always perfect and sometimes you need to await your perfect wave that is for you. Surfing teach to understand reality and with his natural way will turn you to the more patient person that you was before start to learn surf.

6. You will learn to understand the nature

Before start to learn surf, it is important to be mentally prepared for the fact that there are things in the world that are much stronger than you, and they don't care who you are. In a completely natural way, you will start watching the moon, the ebb and flow, the speed of the wind, the currents, the presence of a storm in the ocean. After all, it is from these natural phenomenal elements born a new wave in the ocean.

7. You will want to make this world a better place

Very often we see the consequences of human activities: garbage in the ocean, on beaches, etc. It is so easy to clean up garbage after yourself. You will understand that you can teach this to other people, because you learned it yourself, having fallen in love with the ocean. A person who truly loves nature will never harm her or other people.

Surfing is an exciting and fun sport that adds value to life.Surfing is a great exercise and you will learn more than only how to surf!



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