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22 Best Surf Movies that should be in your library

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

1.Endless Summer (1964)

the ranking with a classic within classics. Possibly a jewel of the crown in surf documentaries.

2. Chasing Mavericks (2012)

Based on a true story, this movie narrates the story of the young surf legend Jay Moriarty (Jonny Weston).

3. Surfing for life 1999), is one of our favorites. "A vibrant and award-winning one-hour documentary about inspiring well-spent lives, offers a totally fresh look at successful aging.

4. Five Summer Stories (1972)

Featuring a handful of now legendary surfers, Five Summer Stories documents the lives of (you guessed it) five prominent Californian and Hawaiian surfers during a time when the world was a notoriously dangerous place – and how surfing served as a creative and expressive outlet for those looking to get away from the noise

5. Big Wednesday (1978)

It’s the first movie that not only caught the attention of surfers but also the general public and has aged quite well.

6. Siestas y Olas (1997) is another favorite. Longboard and shortboard duo road trip the pacific coast of mainland mexico Excellently styled obscure and famous surf spots

7. Point Break (1991)

Point Break is another one of those movies that impacted the new surf generation.

8. North Shore (1987) is a b-surf movie classic. Rick Kane, the Arizona wave pool champion wins a trip to Hawaii's north shore.

9. Riding Giants (2004)

Riding Giants is a must if you are a surf enthusiast. Surf from their roots in Polynesia to the coast of California in the 40s.

10. Second Thoughts (2004) is a hardcore surf travel movie. Three young surfers get dropped off on an uninhabited Indonesian island with their surf gear, camping supplies, chickens and a goat.

11. Young Guns 2 (2005)

Talk about a dream vacation. Once 5-star yacht, a handful of jet skis, and a helicopter to document a trip in the wave-rich Mentawai Islands.

12. In Gods Hands (1999)

In Gods Hands narrates a story of three surfers that travel to exotic places around the world.

13. Litmus (1995) has been called the best surf movie of the 90's. Interviews and footage in Australia, South Africa, Ireland, California, and Hawaii.

14. Drift (2013)

Drift tells the story of two brothers whose passion for surf unites them, and will be overcoming problems that appear so that they can realize their dreams.

15. Surf´s Up (2007)

Surf´s Up is an animated movie where Kelly Slater and Rob Machado give voice to protagonists.

16. Proximity (2017)

A film that explores the delicate relationship between nature and the place you’re surfing at.

17. Inaippu (2017)

Inaippu, an independent movie with surf as the back curtain.

18. Soul Surfer (2011)

Soul Surfer is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton. With hardly 13 years of age the Hawaiian surfer lost her left arm while surfing in her natal Hawaii after a shark attack.

19. Unstoppable (2017)

We continue with Bethany Hamilton. A while ago we talked about her new movie Unstoppable. Even though it was going to be called Surfs Like a Girl.

20. Peninsula Mitre (2016)

Peninsula Mitre narrates an expedition without precedents. 53 days of travel, with 35 kgs strapped to their backs, in the most oriental point of the Tierra de Fuego province in Patagonia.

21. Distance Between Dreams (2017)

Distance Between Dreams is a type of documentary that has one hour of good surfing and counts with the presence of the best surfers today

22. View from a Blue Moon (2013)

The movie follows the world champion and his friends from the North Coast of Oahu to the unexplored waters of Africa, passing through Australia, France, Brazil… A movie that we can watch a thousand times without getting bored, it has some of the best music we´ve ever heard.


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