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How to get to Corralejo

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Corralejo is located to the northeast of the island of Fuerteventura and is perfectly connected with the capital of the island Puerto del Rosario and with the Fuerteventura International Airport which are only 30-40 minutes away. Corralejo has a very busy port where Ferries arrive from the Island of Lanzarote, which is only 20 minutes away and also receives Ferries from Gran Canaria.


HOW TO ARRIVE BY SHUTTLE, PRIVATE BUS This is a system that costs around € 8 per person each way. It is a private airport pick-up service on a shared bus that takes you to Corralejo. The best thing is that for little money you make the direct route that with the public bus is not possible. The bus stop near our NOMAD SURF CAMP and our KAKTUS BEACH HOUSE is BRISTOL SUNSET HOTEL, and the near our ALOHA SURF HOUSE is the ARENA SUITES HOTEL. With this system you will need about 60 minutes but it leaves you very close and you should not suffer as is currently the case with the public bus that forces you to take 2 buses since there is no direct bus and you must change in Puerto del Rosario so you will not know never if you arrive in time to catch your flight since the journey can last 60 minutes or 2 hours. IMPORTANT NOTICE!. It is necessary to reserve the shuttle previously online and above all to do it 48 in advance since the places are finished quickly.


HOW TO GET TO CORRALEJO BY CAR If you move by car around the island you should not worry too much because the roads are in very good condition and there is little volume of traffic which makes them quite safe. If you have arrived by plane and have rented a car at the airport, you should take the road that goes to Puerto del Rosario and later to Corralejo, it takes about 35 minutes. Once past Puerto del Rosario, a few kilometers later you will find two alternatives as there are two roads that take you to Corralejo, the recently built highway that circulates inland or the road that runs along the coast to Corralejo. It will take almost the same time in either of the two options so there is no doubt that the best option is the one that runs along the coast since you have the opportunity to contemplate the beaches of the natural park of the dunes of Corralejo, some of the most beautiful beaches of the island are here and you can see them from the road with ease, and if you have time you can access all of them from this same road, take photos, etc ...

IN TAXI At the airport there are a large number of taxis that will take you to Corralejo for an amount of approximately € 50 and depending on whether the trip is made during the day or at night or on weekdays or holidays. The journey takes about 40 minutes. All taxis on the island are strictly regulated with meters to avoid surprises. BY BUS It is the cheapest option, but you should know that there is no direct bus to Corralejo from the Airport. BE CAREFUL, IT IS NOT EASY TO ORGANIZE THIS TRIP AND YOU CAN LOSE A LOT OF TIME IN THE TRANSFER, FOR THIS WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU ORGANIZE IT IN TIME AND DO NOT RISK IF YOU GO JUST ON TIME AS YOU MAY LOSE THE PLANE ON THE RETURN OF YOUR VACATION. You must take the TIADHE company bus, line 03 that leads from the airport to Puerto del Rosario. Line 03 will drop you off at the bus terminal in Puerto del Rosario and right there you will have to take the line 06 bus that will take you to Corralejo. Therefore, remember that you must change the bus at the Puerto del Rosario terminal. Here is some information for you to check on the company's site Schedules Line 03 From the Airport to Puerto del Rosario Timetables for Line 06 From Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo STOPS IN CORRALEJO The bus arrives in Corralejo along the road that borders the beaches and has the first stop at the Riu hotels located in the natural park of the dunes of Corralejo. Later, it continues to the El Campanario shopping center where there is a bus terminal that is next to the Civil Guard. It has another stop on the main avenue and commercial artery of the city and then goes to Avenida Juan Carlos I, to the port of Corralejo, goes up again along Avenida Juan Carlos I where it reaches the main bus stop in Corralejo and there it returns to Puerto de Rosario passing through the same stops but this time in the opposite direction.

IF YOU COME WITH FERRY TO THE PORT OF CORRALEJO The Lanzarote and Gran Canaria ferries that arrive at the port of Corralejo leave you a short distance from the old town. You just have to check if your accommodation is in a more secluded area since Corralejo is quite large, with residential areas that are very close by car but walking and with suitcases are not so accessible, so if you come without a car you should know that there is A bus stop near the port and with the bus you will arrive more easily at your accommodation. IF YOU COME WITH FERRY WITH ARRIVAL TO MORRO JABLE There is a Ferry from the FRED OLSEN company that connects the island of Fuerteventura with the island of Gran Canaria, it is very fast because it makes the journey in just 2 hours. But it reaches the port of Morro Jable, which is 1.5 hours from Corralejo by car. So if you are thinking of coming from Gran Canaria with this ferry you must bear in mind that apart from the ferry trip you will have to cross the entire island of Fuerteventura. However, the island is not very busy so the trip by car is not difficult and it also allows you to see the entire island and its landscapes, and you can make stops at places of interest. There is another ferry from the ARMAS company that makes the journey from Gran Canaria to Fuerteventura but that takes you to Puerto del Rosario. It is a little slower but you will save an hour of travel by car since it will only separate you 40 kilometers to Corralejo, and if you come without a car you can take the bus line 06 that will take you directly to Corralejo.


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