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How to prepare for your first surf lesson

Specially for our Nomad Surf Camp and all who wants to learn surf in Fuerteventura these 3 important tips will help you to understand first steps in surfing more easier and much better and you will arrive to Surf Camp prepared to start your first surf lesson.

1. Strong back and arms. Every day we see our students in surf classes. The first thing that draws attention are the students who are exhausted on the tables with fatigue and weak backs.

A strong back is like the spine of any surfer. For both beginners and intermediates.

Also, of course, is having strong hands. You can do back and strong hands you can easily at home with workouts.

2.The balance of the body. Very important in surfing. This is the second key factor. It is not possible to surf without body balance. Finding balance on the board will help you easily conquer your first wave. You can also train your body balance at home.You can practice balance with yoga, learning to keep your body in balance.

3.Swimming. Breathing, calm in the water, endurance. the ability to swim gives confidence and is a basic and very important start in surfing. Practice breathing and endurance. All this you can practice beforehand. Develop breathing, rowing, endurance and calm in the water.

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy the surf lessons, you will be more willing to spend the 4 hours of surfing on the waves every day and get up the next day with power of your body to follow and progress.

Surf lessons in Nomad Surf Camp are already absolutely designed to let you enjoy the present and be in total surf adventure. Ocean waves conditions, perfect tides of each day, surf beaches, transfer, all prepared surf equipment for you. You just need to be ready for a big fun and surf adventure, we will organize the rest.

Feel free to contact us for any question you have, it’s real pleasure to help and indicate you to start this incredible water sport - SURFING!

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